Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Make New Ghostly Friends for Halloween!

How to make a Primitive Halloween Ghost Trio for your Home!

You can view the You Tube Video, or read the steps, and see the photos below. Either way you are going to love making these easy little Ghost for your home.

There 3 little ghost are fun and easy to make for you, and the kids. They don't take very long, so the little one's are sure to stay interested, and you will have New/Old Halloween Decorations!

We begin with 3 strips of old lattice. We have sanded off the dirt. We wouldn't want to paint over dirt. We have also cut notches, and slants into the wood for our ghostly shapes.

Now we paint them white. I first tried white spray paint. The spray paint did not hold, so I used white house paint. Live and learn.

Next we paint the eyes, and mouths. They are already looking ghostly, but we still have more to do! Next we move on to giving them a more primitive look.
We begin sanding the ghost here and there to resemble wear. See how it gives them an "Old" look. These are 3 happy fellows! I think we are almost done!

With the sanding all finished, we are now ready to pick out just the right spot to display them... I almost forgot, I rubbed on a coat of sealer at the end, and let that dry over night.

Here we are in out new ghostly haunting spot! They can't wait to greet all of the little Trick or Treaters! See how easy that was!
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