Friday, October 12, 2018

How to make your own Fabric Ghost/Spirit for Halloween!

Have your own Resident Ghost this Halloween!

Think of the delight on the faces of your guest when they see your new resident spirit haunting your house. It is not as difficult as you think, and will certainly bring in that Halloween Spirit.

You can either choose to watch the You Tube Video above, or read the step by step directions below, or both! If you have not yet subscribed to the You Tube Channel, please do. I need all of the subscriptions I can get since You Tube changed their rules.

The first thing we do is make a shape for our head. I used plastic bags. Everyone has those, and usually too many. Here is a chance to put them to good use, and do a little de-cluttering of the kitchen at the same time.

Next we need a body. Here I used cardboard, but if you have a large doll, that would work too. Just cover it with plastic first.
When you have the shape you desire for the body, you can attach the head.
You might wish to try out your fabric on your shape to see how it looks.
I think we are getting into the "Spirit" of things here, and can now move on.

Next we move on to the fabric stiffener. I would say, if I should do this again, I will get the spray.
I think we are ready to begin the process. We will be pouring the liquid into the bowl, and placing the fabric into the bowl to cover it with the stiffener. You must cover all of the fabric. This part was very messy!

You are now ready to drape your cloth on to your body.
As you can see, I will be doing this outside. I have covered it all in plastic so it will be easy to remove when dry.
We now have the fabric covered with stiffener, and placed on our body.
You will have to arrange the fabric to give you the ghostly shape you are looking for.

When you have achieved the desired Spirit effect, you will then leave it overnight to dry. I left mind outside until I was ready to go to bed, and then brought it in, and sat it in a chair so it could dry the rest of the way. After just those few hours outside it was already pretty stiff.

Our new Ghost has found a favorite spot in the living room. I think she looks quite at home now. As you can see, it is a very life like spirit, and just the right size for a spectral apparition.
I hope you have found a little inspiration from this video, as with all of the others I have posted. Let me know how it turns out for you, should you decide try it out for your home.

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