Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Upstairs Bathroom Make Over, from Victorian to French Country

It's not that I didn't like the bathroom upstairs, after all I was the one who made it over before, but the time had come to give it a fresh new look. I am sure that you have felt the same way with a previous make over you had done yourself.
At left you can see the "Before" Photo. There is a mural behind the sink that I had painted, along with copper back splash tiles, two tone wall color, and added stenciling for a chair rail effect. All of the wood in the bathroom had also been stained a medium brown color. It gave the bathroom a very classy look, and I was pleased with it.
At right you can see the new look. It has been brightened up a bit. I kept the mural, but replaced the copper tiles with classic white. I also added a "stone" wall to the mural to extend it down a little past the switch plates. That way I did not have to cut the ceramic tile, and there is still more than enough for a back splash. The light fixture remained, as did the faucet. If you look in the mirror's reflection you will see that the wall has changed color. Bead board, and trim have also been added to the bottom half all around the room. You will get a better look at that in the following photos.
Aged shelving, and assorted photos, and knickknacks add to that French Country feel, as does the bead board that I had spoke about. You can see that it has brightened up the area tremendously. More white ceramic tile was added to the entry around the shower area, too.
Along with "aging" the shelving, paying attention to the details, such as the small pieces of corner trim, help to give the space that old world feel. I am very happy with how the bathroom has turned out, and I will tell let you in on a little secret, the hardest part of all of the make over was getting started. That is usually the case, but once you get going all of the other things will seem much easier. Just have an idea, and go with it. Even just painting will have a tremendous change in the space, and if you don't like it, you can always paint over it. No harm done at all.
I hope this inspires you to change a little something in your own space. Go will be fun.