Monday, December 12, 2016

How to make your own outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations from Recycled Wood

DIY Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations
I had some left over old lattice lying around, and wanted to put it to good use. I also needed new Christmas Decorations for the front yard, and I like that "Primitive" look, or rustic, whatever you like to call it. Anyway I had this lattice, and the idea came to me...Christmas Trees! As mentioned in the video the most time consuming part was painting the lattice, but other than the white paint (which I already had) the cost was really nothing. I reused old nails, and the lattice, so it really cost me nothing but the time, and you have to put your time to good use. Let me know if you like this, and the projects that you have done yourself. Who knows...I may get some ideas from you.

Below I will go through all of the steps that I took in the video to make my Primitive Christmas Trees.

1: I picked out the shape that I wanted for my Primitive Christmas Tree, and began to cut the lattice. I placed it going across a vertical piece of wood. and drew a line down each side, following a tree shape. I then Cut the pieces, and nailed them to the vertical piece of wood (the trunk).
2: I then chose the color that I wanted to paint the tree, and proceeded to go about painting it. This did take a little while, and since the lattice had been painted before I had to give it more than one coat, but I had expected that. I painted both the front, and back just to make sure that it would be sealed from the weather.
3: You may, or may not do this next step... I decided that where I was placing the Primitive Christmas Tree was too large for just one tree, so I made another one. This tree was made in a different way, but the set up is much the same. Place the lattice on your vertical piece of wood, and trim accordingly.
4: Again, after you have cut, trimmed, and nailed your lattice to the vertical piece of wood in your choice of tree shape you then paint it. I attached a picture hook on the back of each tree so they would hang up on the wall. and my trees were now done, and ready to decorate the front of the house for Christmas. This only took me a few hours, and cost nothing since I already had all of the materials on hand. Definitely worth the time spent doing it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How To make your own Primitive Snowman for the Holidays

DIY Primitive Christmas Decorations

This is probably one of the easiest, and quickest craft projects that I have done yet. It's very simple, and yet, it looks really good in the house. #ChristmasDecorating

You could also try your hand at Sock Snowmen!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's Christmas Time, House Tour, and Decorations!

Take a tour of an old Victorian house at Christmas Time.
Hand made decorations, twinkling lights, vintage sights, and more! Singing you to sleep with a parody of Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas the old timey way without music.