Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to make your own Cone Christmas Trees. Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

Have you ever wanted one of those Cone Christmas trees that you see in the stores, but you really don't want too spend $19.99 and up? Well I am going to show you how you can do it for the cost of a $2.00 piece of poster board, and a few other items, many of which you may already have at home.
1: Take your poster board, and a pencil with a string tied to it, the length equal to the length (shorter) of the poster board. You will be using this to draw your curved line on the poster board. This is going to give you the flat bottom of the cone to sit it's not a crooked tree.
2: Place one end of the string in the top corner (hold it there), and stretch out the string with the pencil attached to the bottom corner. Draw on the poster board the curve that the pencil will follow.
3: Cut the curved line that the pencil has drawn, and tape the 2 edges together to form a cone. I also taped the inside just to make sure that it would not come apart.
4: Now that you have your cone shape the fun can begin. You can decorate it any you with by using glitter, lace, Christmas wrapping paper, or what ever you can think of. I would suggest searching Google for "Cone Christmas Tree" and look at all of the ways they are decorated. In no time you will have found your favorite, or favorites.
For decorating my tree I had chosen lace that I had left over from another project. I hot glued the lace in three rings around the tree starting from the bottom. I then hot glued some wood shavings, a jute cord bow, and some pine cones to the top for an added rustic touch. For the finished I glued a few glitter snowflakes around the tree, and I thinks it looks just as I had wanted it to, but as I can do what ever your little heart desires.
I plan on doing another with Christmas Songbook sheets glued to it, and stained with coffee for an aged look. As you will find out...the possibilities are endless, and you will probably end up wanting to do more than one of these since they take about an hour and a half to do. Let me know if you do, and Happy Holidays!