Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Christmas Home Tour of the Old Haunted House

I welcome you to this unique Holiday House Tour for a very special time of the year. See all of the sights of Christmas in my home, and maybe even pick up a few ideas that you can use in yours. Take a few minutes to join in the fun.

It's beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas
The living room is dressed up in a bygone era with simple swags of greenery over the fireplace mantel, and doorway. Old pieces decorate the mantel, as well as large ornaments, and a pine swag. The wreath seemingly suspended in the air over the fireplace is accompanied by floating snowflakes that add to the magic of Christmas.

"Vintage" handmade Christmas Stockings hang from the fireplace, and a simple pine wreath was placed in the center, with additional embellishments surrounding the hearth. Last year the stockings hung on the front door, but you have to change things around from year to year to keep things fresh.
In the dining room a Christmas Cone Tree dominates the table, and that piece was also handmade. It's very easy to make, and if you wish to see that process you can Check out the Video on Youtube. I am certain you would be very happy with a few of these for your home.
The table is also decorated with flower filled vases, as well as old outdoor garden pieces, candles and bowls, and a hand painted raven by a local artist.
A little tree in the corner of the dining room.
Nutcrackers fill a side table in the dining room too!

On top of an old sewing machine is another vintage Christmas scene.
As you will see in the video, Snowmen fill the kitchen.

Even the bathroom downstairs gets into the Christmas Spirit.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to make your own Cone Christmas Trees. Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

Have you ever wanted one of those Cone Christmas trees that you see in the stores, but you really don't want too spend $19.99 and up? Well I am going to show you how you can do it for the cost of a $2.00 piece of poster board, and a few other items, many of which you may already have at home.
1: Take your poster board, and a pencil with a string tied to it, the length equal to the length (shorter) of the poster board. You will be using this to draw your curved line on the poster board. This is going to give you the flat bottom of the cone to sit it's not a crooked tree.
2: Place one end of the string in the top corner (hold it there), and stretch out the string with the pencil attached to the bottom corner. Draw on the poster board the curve that the pencil will follow.
3: Cut the curved line that the pencil has drawn, and tape the 2 edges together to form a cone. I also taped the inside just to make sure that it would not come apart.
4: Now that you have your cone shape the fun can begin. You can decorate it any you with by using glitter, lace, Christmas wrapping paper, or what ever you can think of. I would suggest searching Google for "Cone Christmas Tree" and look at all of the ways they are decorated. In no time you will have found your favorite, or favorites.
For decorating my tree I had chosen lace that I had left over from another project. I hot glued the lace in three rings around the tree starting from the bottom. I then hot glued some wood shavings, a jute cord bow, and some pine cones to the top for an added rustic touch. For the finished I glued a few glitter snowflakes around the tree, and I thinks it looks just as I had wanted it to, but as I can do what ever your little heart desires.
I plan on doing another with Christmas Songbook sheets glued to it, and stained with coffee for an aged look. As you will find out...the possibilities are endless, and you will probably end up wanting to do more than one of these since they take about an hour and a half to do. Let me know if you do, and Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Easy DIY Fall and Halloween Decorations

Why buy Fall and Halloween decorations when you can make them yourself? 4 quick and easy Fall/Halloween crafts to get you inspired to try something on your own. I was feeling crafty so I searched photos for a little inspiration and came up with a few quick and easy DIY ideas for Fall/Halloween crafts that anyone could do. I hope you like them.

1: The Primitive Wooden Pumpkin

2: A Trio of Primitive Wooden Pumpkins

3: The naming of the House (You can name your own too)

4: The Raven "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,..."

All pieces were made with recycled wood, and painted with acrylic paints. People have already been stopping by to ask me where I got the pieces, they love them.

Monday, August 28, 2017

How to make your own Ghost, DIY, Primitive Crafts

DIY How to make your own Ghost/Spirit for Halloween, or all year long if your creepy. You won't believe how easy this is. #Budget #Recycle #DIY

This little guy took no time at all, and saved me a lot of money from the one that I was thinking of buying online. It was everything I had wanted in a primitive ghost, and it only cost me a little time, paint, and recycled wood. Best of all...I did it myself!

Friday, July 14, 2017

You Don't Need A Lot Of Money To Have An Interesting Garden

My garden was doing well, but it lacked points of interest. Looking online I found many things that I would like, but they all had one thing in common... They all cost more money than I was willing to spent. I started thinking that I could, with a little effort, create some of those things on my own with things I had around the house.
The Old Ladder Trellis
I had been wondering for awhile what I was going to do with this 40 foot wooden ladder that was no longer safe to use. Someone I knew showed me how they had made one into a little garden fence. That got me thinking about my garden, and what it needed. It only took a few minutes to see that yes, you could make a trellis out of an old wooden ladder, and the next day I did just that.
It wasn't complicated in the least. Just measure the 2 side pieces equally. and another for the top. Attach with screws, and brackets, and bury each "leg" about 1 food below the ground, and it was done. After that I hung some plants from it, and attached an old looking bird house (that I also made), and it looks great. It also adds interest to that part of the garden which I thought was lacking. I used left over ladder pieces for porch decoration, and tomato plant holders.

The Old Garden Signs
I had been wanting old signs for awhile to put around the outside of the house, but if you look at the prices, they can be a little costly. Again I used what I had at home already, which is wood, and paint. You need only to choose what you want your signs to say, and paint it on them. I then sanded mine a little to give it an aged look, and finished by staining it to seal it, and I was finished. You also have to paint in what you would like it to say, but don't worry too much about that, it doesn't need to be perfect. The sanding, and staining will hide any mistakes you might make.
I don't know what I will be doing next, but I an sure that it will be as fun as these two projects have been. Will you now be trying out something for your own home???

Monday, January 9, 2017

How to make a Burlap Wreath a DIY Tutorial

I hate the thought of spending money on things I think I can do myself, so we are going to make a Spring/Summer wreath decoration for my entry door. As it turns out it is very easy, and inexpensive, and fun as well!