Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Discarded Table Becomes An Old World/French Country Treasure!

This is a very easy project for those of you who have furniture you no longer like, but cannot afford to replace it. It also doesn't have to be what, or how I am doing mine. You could just look up the look you like, and mimic that in paint. The rules/methods are going to be similar. Just dissect what it looks like, and transfer that look to your piece.

For my table, I started with a leftover from the previous home owners...discarded in the basement. I had cleaned it up, and used it in this bedroom, as I had other dark pieces, but I have now been changing the look of the room over this past year, and it was time for this table.

We began with a base coat of off white, and after letting that dry I painted a cream color here, and there. Top, bottom, sides, and the legs. I then followed that with strokes of black, grey, and gold to give it the appearance of being an old piece, painted over several times.

For an additional decoration I used one of my French stencils on the bottom, and gave it a coat of polyurethane to seal, and protect it, and I finished in one day! I am quite happy with how this turned out, and hope you take a little inspiration away, and begin a project of your own soo.! Let me know if you do, maybe even send along a photo of yours!

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