Friday, January 1, 2021

3 Quick, Easy, and Free French Country Paper Projects/DIY Home Decor

We are going to start the New Year out right, and add a little happiness to our living space! It is done with a little creativity, and no money, so we can all do it if we want to.

I had a little free time the other day, and and needed a project to fill that time, so here we have the results of that. I hope you like these 3 things.

Our first piece was inspired by a packace I had received in the mail, and thought the box it came in had a very nice shape, and that something could be done with came the other ideas.
I covered (glued) it with wrinkeled up white paper, and used my French Country stencile to decorate around it. Now I have a French Country pillar at no cost.

I placed a little metal bird upon it, and it took it's place next to a chair in the dining room. It took very little time, and it looks great!

Next I printed out a few sheets of French Country script, and covered a couple of books with it, placed them on top of a desk in the Library, put a metal birdcage on top, and it was finished. Looks very nice for a couple minutes of my time.

The last project was an old cigar box, and again I covered it in paper, and used my French Country stencil over it, let it dry, and it was ready to be placed on top of the chifferobe in the living room. All 3 of these projects took no money, or even much time to do, but bring just a little more fun to my living space, and will be able to decorate my home for some time to come. I hope you find a little inspiration from these, and the other ideas I have posted, and let me know what you think!

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